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The SunDalí

Novel art clock: The SunDalí now available in a free version

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My interests in timekeeping, art, and astronomy collided with an attack of metathesis to produce the SunDalí, an homage to Salvador Dalí.

There are three components:

  • A 3D model world, with elements reflecting Dalí's "Persistence of Memory" and themes in other of his works.
  • A surrealist soundscape of natural and man-made sounds, combined with a folk tune from Dalí's native Spain.
  • Applications to let you take the SunDalí with you and customize your experience.

From these elements, I offer:

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TempusTuum™ Time Tools

The TempusTuum iOS app is the "multi-tool" of time. Included in the base version is a display of Astrological Planetary Hours, with the time in cuneiform, the phase of the moon, shadow lengths, and more. To this you can add the features you choose using in-app purchases. The tools include: Timer/Stopwatch/Metronome, Clock, Calendar, Work Cycles for personal productivity, and Prayer Times for reminders of daily events.

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TempusTuum™ PictaChron

TempusTuum™ PictaChron clock of photos

The TTPictaChron iOS app is part photo slideshow, part image search utility, part clock. It displays photographs for the current time of day determined by the sun, so at sunset you'll see pictures taken near sunset. You can choose albums from your iPhone or iPad, or from photo sharing services. See photos of your favorite theme by specifying tags for Flickr, 500px, or Instagram.

Pilktogram logo


Pilktogram: add a pet to take the edge off a gruesome scene.

Inspired by a comment by Karl Pilkington in "An Idiot Abroad 3", Pilktogram is a web application which allows you to add a ginger cat (or other pet) to a painting or other image.

The Happy Lark : Essence of Games

2 : notably fitting, effective, or well adapted; felicitous. a happy choice
Lark, n
Something done for fun, especially something mischievous or daring; an amusing adventure or escapade.

I realized one day that the reason I don't like solo computer games is that they are at heart intentionally user-hostile user interfaces. I decided to offer games distilled to their bare essences – user-friendly (so friendly that I offer user-hostility as a choice), entertaining, and educational. Kind of.

In development


MundusTuus™ Your World Organizing Tools

MundusTuus™ Your World — Recorded, Rearranged, Remembered. MundusTuus software tools are designed to let you extract the values from your objects. Primarily, it is to help you extract the sentimental value from the object, let you preserve your memories, and then share those memories with your family and friends. You can then decide what to do with the artifact itself; do you want to keep it, sell it, give it to someone (now or in the future), or is it time to throw it out?